Gamo Black Fusion Air Rifle

Information about the Air Rifle and T’s & C’s (please read before continuing):

  • NB NB NB NB --- This is NOT a toy and I will only entertain selling this air rifle to a person over the age of 21 – Should you show an interest in purchasing this air rifle from me, then I will ask for ID as proof of age.

  • This is NOT a firearm, it is an air rifle. No license is required to own an air rifle.

  • The package consists of the following:

    • Gamo “Black Fusion” Air Rifle 4.5mm / .177”.

    • Nikko Stirling Gold Crown Air King 4X32 Scope with yellow dust covers for the lenses.

    • Black flexible nylon carry bag with carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap.

    • Tin of Gamo flat head pellets .177” / 4.5mm.

    • Pack of targets.

  • Specifications of the Air Rifle:

    • Mechanism:
      — System IGT (Inert Gas Technology)
      — Break barrel
      — Rifled barrel

    • Stock:
      — Anti-shock fibre stock
      — Grip/Chequering
      — Tactical design
      — Ergonomic design.

    • Sights / Optics:
      — Fibre optic sights
      — Adjustable rear sight
      — Front sight
      — Full raised ribs for scope.

  • This air rifle has only been shot about 20 – 30 times, so it’s still new.
  • To get the bigger picture on each item, click on the thumbnail and the image will open in a new window.

Gamo “Black Fusion” Air Rifle
4.5mm / .177”

Nikko Stirling Gold Crown
Scope 4X32 with dust covers

Gamo “Black Fusion” Air Rifle
top view

Gamo “Black Fusion” Air Rifle

Gamo “Black Fusion” Air Rifle
additional accessories