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Improved Health Insurance Network is the leading affordable MEDICAL INSURANCE company on the South African market — and we have been successfully managing our patients’ health since 2014.

It is common knowledge that anyone who doesn’t have some kind of medical financial assistance is usually forced to visit hospitals of questionable repute where getting a good doctor, good nurses or quality care is like playing a game of chance. However, by subscribing to Improved Health Insurance Network, your odds of getting better care will certainly improve by several levels going up.

Furthermore, the truth of the matter is that in order to receive quality medical attention from medical service providers, you must either pay huge premiums on your current “medical–financial–assistance” company, or you can go with a Health Insurance company that people can rely on to provide the cover required in case of a medical incident.

So, what is the best “medical–financial–assistance” alternative where medical financial assistance is required?

Improved Health Insurance Network

Why should I use / switch to Improved Health Insurance Network?

That is a great question! With so many Health Insurance companies out there, why us?
Improved Health Insurance Network provides true value for money across a wide range of categories within the scope of each of the products on offer. And much more.

What do we offer?

We offer pro–active and affordable healthcare plans socialised within a comfortable environment that you will find oddly familiar... your own home or office.

At Improved Health Insurance Network, your health is our number one priority, making sure that we meet all your needs in a timely manner. And that’s why we only deal with the best underwriters in the country — so that you, the client, can be provided with the best service at affordable rates.

Are you concerned about making the change?

There is no need to be; we totally understand that the transition towards affordable Health Insurance can be daunting and highly unsettling. But rest assured; our highly trained and nationally recognised consultants are there to render all the assistance you need to take that step towards reliable and affordable health Insurance. And all it takes is the sending of a simple SMS.

Important notice about your privacy:

  • As you navigate throughout this website, please note that we respect your privacy and therefore have a no–cookie policy.

  • Improved Health Insurance Network understands that your medical conditions are private and confidential. With this in mind, we assure you that no medical information is retained by us.

  • We understand that your right to privacy is important, so we do not share any of your contact details with any person. To be clear, we destroy all contact details and other communications as soon as your application for any of the products available on this website has been processed with the underwriters.

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